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Wofeng WFGA137 Warping Machine Manufacturer
    • Wofeng WFGA137 Warping Machine Manufacturer
    • Wofeng WFGA137 Warping Machine Manufacturer
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  • WFGA137-B Beam warping machine is to unreel the beam dyeing warp collectively and twist it to cheese, with the character of large ...
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Beam Warping Machine for Knitting Denim

WFGA137-B Beam warping machine is to unreel the beam dyeing warp collectively and twist it to cheese, with the character of large package, less connections or color shading, no yarn mill and well-distributed waxing. As well as being well-molded and easy to be unreeled, the machine is a new intelligent winder which combines the computer, AC variable frequency, servo control and other advanced technology.


1.General Specification:

Sectional Beam Size: 1800 mm (width) X 1000 mm (dia.)(Customized)

Machine Speed: 5 ~ 130 MPM (adjustable)

End Break Detecting: Infer-Red Stop Motion Sensor

Cone Number: 400-600(Customized)

Count of the yarn: 7S ~ 32S

Tension: 30 ~ 50 g/end

Cone size: Ø220 mm X 85 mm 

2.Main section of the machine:

1. Unwinding Head Operation Station 

2. Lease zone with stop motion detecting 

3. Creel zone with re-winding system 

4. Drive control system 


1. Unwinding Head and Operation Station

 Heavy duty framework with built-in drive panel.

 Pneumatic control loading, doffing and spindle control mechanism for the section beam.

One rubber draw roll (220 mm dia.) with two SS nip rolls ( 125 mm dia.) with pneumatic control. One 3KW servo motor to drive the draw nip rolls.

 Pneumatic belt braking for beam unwinding.

 Adjustable width control for the comb.

 HIM control interface (touch screen).

2. Lease zone with stop motion detecting

 Horizontal lease zones with ceramic eye pots.

 Multi support frames before the yarn goes into the creel.

  Infra-red yarn end break detecting unit. 

3. Creel zone with re-winding system 

 Individual winding system for left and right creel. 3KW AC motor as the winding drive motor.

 Multi-winding mechanism for individual cone. Grooved roll to guide the yarn to make the proper yarn package.

 Pre-tension adjustment for each end.

 Wax added on device for each end. 

 Eye pots bars for each row in from of the creel.

4. Drive control system  

Three 3.5KW AC drive control units, for draw nip roll, left creel and right creel

winding driving.

One PLC as the main logic and processing control.

One color HIM (touch screen) for control parameter setting.

a. Working speed setting. b. Unwinding beam tension setting.

c. Winding stretch setting.

d. Yardage setting.

e. System fault history recorder 

ITEM 3. Performance Feature

1. Control the parking and speed system of the upper and lower shafts automatically by using the world famous programmable controller.

2. Convenient and direct to monitor the running of equipments and analyze the error by using the world famous touch screen.

3. Ensure to unwind in constant linear velocity by using the world famous servo control and motor.

4. High qualified steel plates are placed as the left and right wallboards, well-constitutive and high rigidity, which makes the equipments operate more stably.

5. Keep the warp beam from dropping off to hurt workers when the power and gas go off occasionally by using the special warp beam support mechanism.

6. Package infrared ray cracked ends detection device with display, credible and sensitive.

7. Equipped with waxing device. 

8. Make 400-600 cylinders once from Knitting Denim fabrics yarn.


Suitable yarn number


Warp beam available breadth

1600mm 1800mm

Disk sheet diameter of warp beam

800mm 1000mm

Speed of making cylinders


Length of making cylinders

20S yarn 35000 meters

Number of head in making cylinders

400-480(user defined)

Operation monitor

5.5" touch screen

Input voltage


Installed capacity

3 servo motors, 3.5KM of each

Complete appliance weight




Package: Wooden package, the wooden cases have been suffocated with suffocation certificate. One container of 20ft.


Installation: We can send engineer to guide installation, but need your local workers to cooperate. Your company should take charge of our engineer’s accommodation. Besides, buyer provide allowance for installation engineers 50USD/person every day during abroad


After-sales Service:

After-sales Service: All the products are subject to a 12-months guarantee against defective material or workmanship. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by willful damage or negligence use of equipment.

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